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Background and Description of Ormen:

The Kingdom of Ormen lies lies within the great landmass of Egrombas. The kingdom is known for its wide variety of different ecosystems, spanning from lush forests to great grass planes to thick jungles. Due to its location, Ormen is the capital trade city of Egrombas: jewels from Tahir, metal and stoneworks from Alon and cosmetic goods from Imilas all pass through and because of this Ormen makes its profits through tariffs. 

Where is magic?

Magic is forbidden in the continent of Egrombas. Millennia ago, the Elven kingdom of  Evras had a cataclysmic event. A magical force of godly proportions wiped the kingdom from the map, and while Elves outside of the kingdom knew and understood what had happened, they refused to explain to the rest of the world and quickly died or disappeared themselves. The rest of Egrombas soon came to realize the dangers of magic. All kingdom united and quickly declared that magic of any form, including weaponry, was outlawed in every land. Any form of magic detected must be reported to the Judges of the Sword, men and women who have full privileges to judge a magic wielder and deem their punishment. These punishments range from public flogging to on sight execution. Judges have been known to relentlessly hunt down and kill in the pursuit of the law, rarely losing the trail. Yet every year after the Cataclysm of Evras the life of Egrombas seemed to fade more and more. Now centuries after the event, the impact of the lack of magic is very visible, the once lush grassland have all withered and the jungles now teem with vicious monsters that were never seen before. 

The Dark Tide

About three centuries after the Cataclysm of Evras, a council of unknown wizards combined their magical power and summoned a demon horde that would go on to sweep over Egrombas. Whole villages were wiped out, swath of land were left barren and lifeless and as this continued, the horde fed off the fear and despair of the continent, growing larger every day. For the second time, the Council of Kingdoms convened again. With the horde much to large to be contained by one kingdom, an alliance of unprecedented strength was formed. Alon, Imilas, and Ormen united their armies and marched to meet the enemy at Barmlich. The battle that day stained the fields of Barmlich red and was only won when the Balor was slain at the hands of Dumlek Rorke (see character sheet for more info). When the day was won, both armies were a mere fraction of what they were, but the demons had the greater loss. Without Egrombas afraid the armies could not grow as quickly as it had before. After recovering from his wounds and was awarded the title of Council War Master, Rorke led the remaining forces against the wizard council. Fearing Rorkes Wrath and the Judges judgment, many wizards fled into the fortress of Celnaer and commanded their demons to defend them. The siege did not last long however, many of the demons choose to flee rather to die in a losing battle. More importantly, they were more afraid of Rorke then the wizards. Once Rorkes force had broken through to the inner summoning circle the fight inside was short but fierce. Half of the wizards perished and the other half surrendered and was then Judged. Thus ending the Dark Tide.

Where are adventures begin:

Once again, the representatives for each remaining kingdom convened. It was determined that someone must find a cure for the"Illness" as it was beginning to be called. Members of each kingdom were selected for the "Seeker" program. This group of individuals was tasked with rediscovering Evras and learn whether or not the Illness was caused by the cataclysm. Members of the Seekers are given special passes which allowed them to travel to each kingdom without restriction. However, passes mean nothing in the wilds where monsters and wild animals were home. Several powerful members of the judges were assigned to the team, as well as members of the military throughout Egrombas. Several members of the great Library of Tahir were also selected for their knowledge of the mythic and the lore of Evras. The council of kingdoms did not believe that these few were not enough so they decided that they themselves must select more. Each representative went back to their respective kingdom to choose the next who will become Seekers.

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