Commander Dumlek Rorke

Military Commander of Ormen, Loyal to the Kingdom, Legendary in Egrombas


Scar across his left eye, has false eye
Regal manner about him
Easy going, yet can snap very easily


Rorkes name is known throughout the continent. During The Dark Tide, Rorke was at the time a lowly swordsman who appeared to have some skill. In the first battle with the demons, The Red Grass of Barmlich however, he proved to be so much more. Rorkes rage ignited something inside him, and with great sword in hand cut down as legend says “thousands of hell’s minions”. No one knows exactly what happened at the battle exactly, one thing is true though. Rorke stood his ground an enemy Balor. The fight lasted hours neither giving. Soon though the fiend seemed to have Rorke beat. It grabbed Rorkes head in its hand and proceeded to run it savage claw along Rorkes left eye. Yet all was not as it seemed. Rorkes great sword plunged into the Balors throat. It began to choke on the blade, not yet dead, but Rorke never gave it a chance to fight again. He quickly removed the blade and beheaded the demon. A blinded flash ensued as the demon returned to hell and Rorke was thrown. What was recounted to you was not a simple story but the stuff of legend. Never before had a mere man faced down a Balor and defeat one single handed. Yet this is not where the rest of Rorkes legend ends.
When the demon exploded part of Rorke was burned from the intense heat. His hands and part of his chest and face were severely burned and it was feared he may not recover from his wounds. The king of Ormen declared that all of the greatest healers at his disposal save the legend. Two days of healing ensued. Once again Rorke managed the impossible and survived the survivable. As a reward for his actions on the battle field that day, The Kingdoms of Egrombas each bestowed a gift upon Rorke. Rorke became one of a handful of people allowed to wield magical items in all kingdoms. No Judge could stop him or judge him. From Ormen, Rorkes was given an enchanted silver great sword called Faithful. Enchanted to never leave his hand, the blade would always return to Rorke. The kingdom of Tahir bestowed upon him a breastplate of _______, and finally while not able to provide material goods because of the damages of The Dark Tide, Imilas gave Rorke the ability to see through his false eye, meaning that while he may seem blind through one eye, Rorke has perfect vision.
With these gifts and the new title of Council War Master, Rorke led the campaign against Demon Hordes, winning battle after battle, and eventually surrounding the keep of Celnaer, the fortress where the council of various wizards who summoned the Dark Tide was currently holed up. Rorke then lead the siege teams and eventually stormed the fortress and captured the council of wizards. With his purpose fulfilled and the Dark Tide now over, Rorke turned the wizards over to the Judges of the Sword High Tribunal, where each wizard was judged for his crimes and assigned various punishments ranging from immediate execution, to banishment to another plane.
Seeking to continue his grand adventures, Rorke asked permission to leave the Councils War Master and become one of the few Seekers. The council members not only agreed that it was in their best interest to put their most skilled warrior and tactician as a seeker but to also make him the leader of their team. While Rorke is no explorer, his skills are not useless either, so bear this in mind, never be Rorkes enemy.

Commander Dumlek Rorke

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