Sulward Longbeard - Judge of the Sheild

Member of the Judges of the Sword, Specializes in defense, loves to drink, OBEY THE LAW


Red Hair
As implied long beard, about three feet long
Uses dwarven shield and short sword


Sulward comes from a long line of Long-Beards. All of which have been known to well respected members of the judicial system or high ranking officials of the military. However, when the opportunity arrived to become a member of the judiciary and the military at the same time, Sulward couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be the first of the honorary and important Judges of the Sword. After spending many year within the Judges, Sulward was declared a master of the shield, a title given only to those that can perfect all forms of defense style. For his mastery, Sulward was not only chosen to become a high Judge, but a Seeker as well. His primary objective as a Seeker is the defense of the non-military members.

Sulward Longbeard - Judge of the Sheild

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